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Project Targets:

The project will be implemented in 40527 villages of 4503 Unions under 485 Upazillas of the country. The total households to be covered under this project will be 24,31,620 and that will provide benefits to 1,21,58,100 members of the households/community.

Target Beneficiaries:

In the project areas, the heads of the following categories of households will be considered as target population to be determined based on the following criteria:

1. Poor women-headed households in the village;

2. Households having only homestead;

3. Landless people those who own land up to 0.50 acre of land including homestead and who earn their livelihood by selling manual labor and have no regular sources of income.

The above sequence will be given priority in selecting beneficiaries. In case of backward/char areas, households having land up to 4.00 acres can also be included as project beneficiaries. However, with a view to improving the socio-economic conditions of the poor, the landless and marginal farmers, different activities covering all aspects of their lives will be preferentially initiated under the project.