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Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries in the world in terms of per capita income and literacy rate. Bangladesh accounts for a significant portion of the world’s poor with nearly 25% people living below the poverty line. Hence the eradication of poverty occupies the foremost place in Bangladesh’s development programmes. Review of documents and experience over the last three decades both explicit and implicit shows that different strategies and actions were taken in the past to combat poverty in the country. Despite all these efforts and implementation of various programmes, poverty still continues to be pervasive and overwhelming. However, there is sufficient evidences to believe that the existing poverty cycle can be broken if the poor are allowed to have access to resources and justice. Keeping these facts in mind the proposed project has been undertaken to enhance the status of the rural poor.

The project will cover 40527 villages in 4503 unions under 485 Upazillas of the country. The project will enable the rural poor and the community people to find for their self-employment opportunities with the physical and financial supports to be offered by the project. Besides, the village organizations to be organized under the project would be the driving force to mobilize the poor including the women. In this way the disadvantaged and excluded groups of people including the women would be integrated with the process of empowerment. Thus, the project will help to increase production of all types and alleviate rural poverty.