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Sunday, 16 November 2014 09:34

Theme of the Project:

OHOF is an initiatives of the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh. It is a program to ensure funding, livelihood and poverty alleviation. The first target is to fund mobilization followed by investment in small scale farms of the poor leading to increase food production, family nutrition and income generation. It is a permanent smallholder investment activity leading to permanent income and permanent poverty alleviation. And this sustainable poverty alleviation model is dreamt by the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The 1st step, participatory fund mobilization: The poor saves BDT 200 per month and Government gives the equal amount to them as bonus followed by BDT 1,50,000 as revolving fund annually. All the money has been deposited to the bank account of the village development organization (VDO).

The 2nd step, investment: The poor sit together in the cortyard meeting and take decision for investment independently according to their need and livelihood.

The 3rd step, development of farm: After getting fund from the VDO each poor develops small farms like fishery, livestock, poultry, nursery, vegetable gardening etc. Thus every inch of land of the smallholders is used efficiently for agro production.

The 4th step, repay of the loan: After income generation the smallholder families deposit (repay) loan in installment to the account of the VDO. Thus the fund is being revolved and utilized for poverty alleviation by the poor permanently. Thus it stands as a sustainable poverty alleviation cycle challenging the vicious cycle of poverty.

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